Common Questions
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Common Questions

How long does asphalt seal coat take to cure?

Seal coat is a very cost effective solution but it can months to cure, depending on your micro-climate. When cars twist and turn on fresh sealer the tires will move and tear the material as it is tender for the first few months until it goes through fall season; even after winter on a super hot day the material will scuff or tear under the weight of power steering. Seal coating is an awesome low-cost solution for quick beautification and moderate durability, but keep in mind it’s not as durable as a pure asphalt solution. We offer both seal coat and full asphalt services

How thick should the asphalt layer be?

  • Residential driveways should have a minimum of two to three inch thick layer of asphalt, with six to eight inches of granular base rock underneath. Underneath the base rock there should be a granular, sandy, or rocky soil so as to allow for drainage of water. If the soil cannot provide adequate drainage it will reduce the life of the asphalt dramatically.
  • Commercial lots and driveways should use a minimum of three inches of asphalt, while heavy duty commercial lots that load trucks and heavy machinery should use four to seven inches, due to the need for a stronger structure.
  • If asphalt is too thin, the weight cannot distribute across the surface and the asphalt will begin to tear away from itself, creating cracks that eventually turn to potholes over time. Laying asphalt that is too thin is counter productive to achieving the best value for your dollar, and we will be sure to provide the best estimate for your paving needs.

How long will the whole job take?

Driveways and small parking lots should almost always be finished within one business day, while significantly larger lots may take two to three. We understand that timetables are important, so we provide the quickest and most efficient work for your home or business.

How long will does asphalt last?

A fresh layer of asphalt can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years with little to no maintenance. This life can be extended if proper steps for maintenance are taken. Applying a a layer of seal coat every 5 to 7 years after the initial installation can extend the life well beyond the typical 15 to 20 years, all while keeping the property looking brand new. Regular maintenance is the most economically sound decision for long term expensing, and the best way to keep your property value and curb appeal at its best.